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• Increases skin elasticity

• Increases collagen in deep skin layers

• Decreases depth of wrinkles



Over a decade of Scientific Research is invested to create

These Exceptional Products

One of the RARE products on the market -
in a powder form for better results!

• Supports healthy joints

• Decreases joint pain

• Helps maintain healthy
   cartilage tissue


New You!

Pure Collagen.US is very pleased to offer a product which is substantially effective, backed by scientific human research, and contributes to an improved healthy self image in our customers. For over a decade, the general research on collagen tested on animal and human subjects has shown consistently that orally administered collagen decreases the physical effects of aging. It reduces fine line wrinkles in the skin, increases skin elasticity, decreases joint pain, as well as improves hair quality.

Research shows internal ingestion of collagen decreases the effects of aging  and increases the quality of life throughout our life span via its effects on the skin and joints.


Pure Collagen.US is not only a manufacturer and distributor of pure collagen products, but we are also a company committed to conducting further human research in our laboratory to determine the profound effects which collagen may have on the aging process. Our staff has over 30 years of research experience resulting in over 20 peer reviewed journal publications using animal & human subjects. We are dedicated to supporting quality in everything we do.

Pure Collagen.US Offers Three Collagen Products

based on different production formulas

Pure Collagen


Our standard Pure Collagen is equivalent to most other hydrolyzed type 1 and type 3 collagen products being sold on the market. We are offering this product at a very affordable price in order that everyone can be able to take advantage of the positive health effects of collagen.

Pure Collagen With VERISOL®

We are also offering another formula of Collagen which is our premium product, Pure Collagen with VERISOL®. VERISOL® is manufactured in a tightly controlled, specific process to obtain a specific collagen peptides composition, optimized to support beauty from within. VERISOL® is the only product on the market which has been scientifically tested with human participants that reliably confirms effectiveness in significantly decreasing fine line wrinkles in the face, increasing the quantity of collagen in deep layers of the skin, and notably decreasing the depth of facial wrinkles. For this reason, we encourage our customers to purchase this superior premier product – Pure Collagen with VERISOL®.

Pure Collagen Joints & Cartilage


We are also offering another unique product – Collagen Type 2 in a powder form – which allows better absorption and thus much better results than other type 2 collagen products on the market. When type 2 collagen is hydrolyzed and taken orally, it is able to be easily utilized by the body. A large number of human & animal research studies have shown that type 2 collagen has been able to significantly decrease joint pain, increase mobility & joint comfort, increase repair processes in osteoarthritis cartilage destruction and facilitate effects in rheumatoid arthritis patients without any side effects. Other studies have shown beneficial effects with osteoporosis showing an increase in bone mass.